Manifold Grace Ministries - Sharing Truth, Serving People, Honoring Adonai - 1 Peter 4:10
About Us:                                       
Beliefs & Mission:
Manifold Grace is a non-denominational, Torah observant ministry. We believe the *whole* Bible is the Holy and Inspired Word of YHWH (God). We teach and preach the Truth of that Word as the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) leads us. We keep His Sabbath and all His other Holy Days & commandments. We offer the Truth of the Word as encouragement for believers; and as reproach against all the worldly and demonic influences that have polluted their lives.  Please click here for our Statement of Beliefs.
Manifold Grace Ministries began in August of 2007. At that time Pastor Reams was serving as a Deacon in a local Baptist congregation. There, the Ruach laid the burden on his heart to share the gospel in a very literal way.
It all started by simply giving away Bibles while evangelizing and during Bible study groups. From there the program grew into a small outreach ministry of the church, buying and distributing Bibles to individuals and other churches.
In 2009 that small Baptist church closed its doors due to financial constraints, but PRAISE HaShem, He wasn't through with us yet! In 2009 the Ministry moved to Alaska for three years.  It was at this time the Ruach led Manifold Grace, and Pastor Reams personally, to the understanding of the purpose and necessity of Torah.
In 2011 Manifold Grace transitioned from an outreach program to a fully fledged Torah observant, independent, non-denominational congregation & evangelic mission and moved to a new location in the Baltimore MD area.
Weekly Service - Held each Sabbath at 0900 pm at our Chapel in Glen Burnie. Space is limited so please contact us if you'd like to join our fellowship.
Counseling - Our network of Pastors and Deacons offer counseling services in person, over the phone, or online. See the "Contact Us" page for more information or to request counseling.
Prayer Requests - You can submit requests online via our "Contact" page to be added to our prayer list, or you may call or write to request a Pastor to pray with you in person or over the phone. When making a prayer request please specify public or private. A private request will be held by the Senior Pastor for personal prayer only. A public request will be made available to our congregation and associate ministries via our facebook page and this site, giving all our brothers and sisters the chance to encourage and support you.
Bible Study - Manifold Grace Ministries is looking into running an online Bible study group via Skype. Once we have a few people signed up, the group leader will contact you to arrange a time.  Send an email titled "Join Bible study" to to let us know you're interested.
Associate Ministries:
One of our greatest strengths is the partnership and communion we share with our fellow workers in Christ. The Most High gifts each of us in various ways, and by coming together to support one another we are able to build the Kingdom. This list is not all inclusive since not all of our partners wish to be listed online. If you are interested in becoming a partner of Manifold Grace please send a message to describing your program or ministry and please include any contact information you wish to have listed here.
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